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Wealth Management

 “All humans are different, we think our process is, too.”

At Silver Pine, we believe the wealth management process should be collaborative and long-term with a focus on improving the overall financial wellbeing of our clients.

Our Program

Together, we tackle the challenges most important to you.

We created our financial planning program to help busy, successful people become more organized with better visibility into their financial lives. We help you prioritize your goals and make empowered financial decisions that support your true passions in life.

Here are just a few areas we feel strongly about.

Financial Position & Cash Flow

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Investing & Growing Wealth

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Protecting Your Wealth

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Frequently asked questions

How often do you meet with clients?

Our program is intentionally long-term. A typical engagement might last for 12 months or longer. We prefer to meet regularly with our clients, usually once every 3-4 weeks.

What's discussed during client meetings?

During a typical engagement, clients are introduced to our team of experts and we review all parts of your plan. Even in areas where we aren’t the experts, we know people who are.

What do you charge for a fee?

We charge a monthly fee and clients can decide to pause or leave the program whenever they’d like, hopefully when they feel more informed and are ready to manage their finances themselves.

Silver Pine Capital has helped our family get back on our feet after the pandemic. We’re so thankful for Jim and his team.

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